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W – Snap: Rugged for Knowledge

February 29, 2012

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Hat:  Muak

Glasses:  Unknown wooden flame

T-Shirt:  Uniqlo heat-tech

Shirt:  Muji

Coat:  LVC Sunset Sack Coat

Jeans:  Samurai

Shoes:  Birkenstock

Bag:  Filson tote

M – Snap: Proud to be Rugged

February 15, 2012

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Hat: Muak

Shirt: Traps & Wana

Trousers: Key Hickory Painter

Key chain: From Chatuchak market, Bangkok

Shoes: Viberg 145 oxford

W – Snap: Rugged man return !!!

February 9, 2012

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Hat:  Muji

Glasses:  Unknown

Coat:  Post Overalls

Trousers:  Ben Davis

Shoes:  Converse

Bags:  Muzina

Unfashionable Fashion #1

February 3, 2012

Consider the statement written in the business card of the famous                                “Rugged Factory” store above.

It can be clearly seen that the ethos of Rugged Style is to stay connected to its sources of workwear, western, trad… These styles are not at all classified as “fashion” in the first place. Instead, they are created mainly of functional purposes. American workers, for example, do not wear an old, beaten denim shirt because it is ‘cool’ but because it is durable and comfortable (due to agedness). It might be because they simply have no money to afford a new one. This kind of sincerity makes many workers look naturally cool. Such sort if coolness is what Rugged Style aims to capture.

(The picture below is from

M – Snap: Cool Boy

January 30, 2012

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Hat:  Muak

Inner:  Reyn Spooner Hawaiian Shirt

Outer:  Global Work Shawl Cardigan

Trousers:  Unknown Chambray

Socks:  Global Work

Shoes:  Birkenstock

Bags:  Free Rider

W – Snap: Once in Thailand

January 28, 2012

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Hat:  Muak

Glasses:  Unknown

Shirt:  Heller’s Cafe Chambray shirt

Bags:  Traps & Wana

Trousers:  Rugged Factory Painter

Shoes:  Birkenstock

Hanna Hat: Irish timeless tweed caps

January 24, 2012

Established in 1964, Hanna Hats are very famous for their Irish tweed hats and caps. They have many unique design products which are all woven and assembled by hands. As a result, their handcrafted head-wears  give us a very classic British hunting style. As their beautiful hats and caps can keep your head dry and warm in every kind of weather, they are absolutely worth every penny.

Moreover, I bought this tweed flat cap at Portobello Market in London 8 months ago. And now  it was, unexpectedly, in Free&Easy magazine February issue !!!  This also can guarantee their beauty and quality.

M – Snap: Happy Day

January 22, 2012

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Hat:  Hanna Hat

Shirt:  Ralph Lauren

Trousers:  Unknown Chambray Trousers

Socks:  Flash Report

Shoes:  Birkenstock

Bag:  Free Rider

M – Snap: Relax @ Chiangmai

January 18, 2012

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Hat:  Muak

T-shirt:  Muji

Shirt:  Muzina

Trousers:  Key Hickory Painter

Shoes:  Birkenstock

W – Snap: Rugged Holiday

January 15, 2012

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Hat:  Trap & Wana

Glasses:  ic! berlin

T-Shirt:  Uniqlo

Shorts:  Levi’s

Shoes:  Birkenstock

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