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What is “Unfashionable Fashion” ?

January 12, 2012

In the opening page of Free&Easy magazine “Navy Blazer Issue”, Ralph Lauren wrote the following: “I have loved Free&Easy because it features the unfashionable fashion  that I have always loved”. This statement is interesting because it brings one fundamental characteristic, or perhaps ‘root’, of Rugged Style. That is the quality of being “unfashionable”.

What does the notion of being “unfashionable” mean in the world of rugged style? Term is said to be self-explanatory as it somewhat gives the ‘feeling’ of how the “unfashionability” should look like. However, only ‘feeling’ is not satisfactory for ourselves and not at all progresses our  search of the real rugged. What we want to know is the concrete conceptual map of “unfashionable fashion” and how it shapes the principle of rugged style.

This is the introductory part of the three-part research on the unfashionable root of the emerging “fashion” known today as “Rugged Style”.

To be continued…

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